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Allison is a defense consultant who specializes in tackling current threats and anticipating future ones. To advise on defeating these threats, she also emerged as one of the foremost specialists in current, emerging and future combat and security tech. Part of her time is spent in a sort of real life defense version of Top Gear- she is frequently invited to test out, test drive and test fly - amazing next gen tech prototypes from amped up ATVs for Spec Ops and cutting-edge helicopters through to invisible tanks, advanced weapons and tiny drones the size of bumblebees.

The host of FOX Firepower, Allison also writes the front-page featured FOX Firepower column at FOX News. A lawyer who worked as an English law solicitor, she also holds 4 post-graduate degrees. For more information on her background, you can click here.  You can follow her on Twitter @allison_barrie and Instagram @allisonbarriehq.


Host of the new FOX Firepower show, Allison also writes the associated weekly front-page, featured column on In both the show and the column, she introduces mind-blowing tech advances for the military and homeland security. It is the place to go for global first reveals to the public. Launching this October, Allison will be the host of Tactical Talk. In this podcast, she gives listeners the chance to meet her friends. Download to pull up a bar stool with some of the most elite, accomplished, world-class Tier 1 Special Operations warriors from around the world.


Revealing how wars could be fought in the future, Allison’s first book Future Weapons: Access Granted is a huge success. Within 24 hours, it reached the top 1% in sales out of more than 8 million books globally on Amazon. It is the definitive guide to the most exciting advances in combat tech. Future Weapons is now on sale in 30 countries around the world. 

Defense and Security Consulting

Through her company Eyes On, Allison and her team provide high level consulting, research and expertise. On British Ministry of Defence projects, Allison’s work concentrated on future combat capabilities, soldiers’ combat effectiveness, impact of combat on soldiers’ psychological well-being, the use of reserves and retention issues related to British Army deployments. Her commercial advisory work for Fortune 500 companies includes analyzing critical supply-chain vulnerability and resilience in the context of the threat of terrorism, pandemics and natural disasters. While serving at the Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, chaired by NATO SEC GEN Lord George Robertson and Lord Paddy Ashdown, she led the research and analysis of the terrorism threat, counter-terrorism measures, emergency response and critical national infrastructure resiliency. Allison founded and led the War and Culture program at the Royal United Services Institute in England. In this program, she brought together defense titans with influential entertainment stars to brief each other and open up channels of communication – in addition to other projects. While at RUSI, she created the Women in Defense and Security Leadership Summit, held at the former Palace of Whitehall site. A global first, the event brought together the highest-ranking female officers from 10 countries and senior leadership from 35. The highest-ranking female officers in the US Navy, US Army and US Air Force participated. The groundbreaking summit opened with a keynote delivered by US Chairman of Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey at Kensington Palace.

Media Commentary and Apperances

Regularly called upon to provide expert commentary for both domestic and international media, Allison has provided more than 450 appearances, stories and interviews. Since invited to provide original content in the defense space to FOX News, she has regularly delivered ahead-of-the-curve reporting often months before other major media outlets.

Speaking Engagements

Allison is also often invited to deliver lectures and briefings. She has accepted a range of invitations from teaching risk and threat communication at the US National Association of Government Communicators School through to delivering a brief on the conduct of war in 2030 at the House of Lords. The Department of Homeland Security and the Special Forces Charitable Trust are a few of the organizations that have invited Allison to emcee their events.

Television and Film Consulting

Allison founded production company, Eyes On, to create authentic shows in the security and defense space that leverage the power of media for the greater good. Within the first six months, she created and sold shows to Discovery Channel and FOX Broadcasting Company. She is also often asked to consult on film and television shows including projects for channels such as ABC, CBS, Sky Atlantic, National Geographic, Sky and History Channel.


Before working in defense, Allison was a professional ballet dancer who performed at the Royal Opera House, London Coliseum, Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the Kennedy Center in DC to name a few. She has travelled to more than seventy countries and speaks four languages. A graduate of Cambridge University and King’s College, London War Studies, she holds four postgraduate degrees, is qualified in English law and practiced at two leading global law firms in London. Her second book will be released in November 2016.


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