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Magpul X-22: New tool for the hunter in your family

Defense Specialist Allison Barrie gets the latest on the Magpul X-22 Backpacker stock, a new rifle accessory for the hunter in your family.

August 15, 2017
Gerber’s U.S. Assist Knife has ‘balls of steel’

Defense Specialist Allison Barrie finds a new knife that won’t scratch your car and is newly equipped with a ‘balls of steel’ system to keep you safe.

Chinese drone: Why China’s new aircraft should concern US

China unveiled a new drone at the Paris Air Show that looks very similar to the U.S. Reaper. Defense Specialist Allison Barrie explains why the United States should be concerned.

Rapidly expanding ‘biofoam’ could save soldiers’ lives

Allison Barrie with a closer look at Arsenal Medical’s ResQ Foam, a new technology that would let combat medics stabilize patients for transport to field hospitals.

King Stallion: Ultra-powerful new Marine Corps helicopter

Allison Barrie lays out the key new features that gives the King Stallion helicpoter a huge upgrade from its predecessor.

USAF honored at 2017 Royal International Airshow Tattoo

The US Air Force celebrated its 70th Birthday at the 2017 RIAT event, showing off a wide range of outstanding aircraft including the B-52 Stratofortress, B-2 bomber and the U-2 spy plane.

Gigantic tank battle competition going on in Russia

Fox Firepower: Tanks from Russia, China, Iran and more are battling it out for the title of best tank.

4 amazing vehicles for Special Operations Forces

The U.S. military is home to some of the most elite teams in the world — Navy SEALS, Delta, Special Forces, Rangers and Marine Force Recon to name a few.